About Us

"Avily has evolved to meet the needs of the health care industry and uphold our core values.

At Avily, commitment to customer service and innovation are more than just ideas – they are steadfast goals evidenced by every product, service and client interaction."

We are the market leaders in South Africa by a long shot. No other company comes close to the level of work and results we’ve delivered for our valued clients.

Millions of patients have engaged with our products and services.”

Our work comes down to four simple components

The first step in any successful Internet marketing strategy is the creation of the actual website.

With us, you can trust that you are in good hands. Our team consistently makes use of award winning design elements, and are awarded for their work, once again showing that we at Avily are never satisfied with the status quo or being merely average.

Designs that are beautiful, innovative and built to attract patients.
Professionally written content that engages patients.
Exemplary ongoing support and service for our clients.
Cutting-edge technology to power it all.

We give you more personalised support

One of our biggest thing that sets us apart from other companies is our level of customer service

  • No submitting “Tickets” or being placed in a call queue for ages.
    – Count on us to give you a real response in record time.
  • One point reference
    – Someone you can always call whenever you have a question.
Avily is a leading internet marketing firm for dentists, doctors, allied professionals and other healthcare professionals in South Africa. We’ve developed a unique formula that produces effective and efficient web presence solutions for health professionals of all specialties.
Our expertise in innovative marketing trends has propelled our clients to the front page of search engine results and provided significant web exposure. Online marketing has never been more crucial to health professionals as it is now. Staying competitive in your field and keeping your online presence is absolutely necessary for attracting new patients. Avily is the ultimate solution to your online needs.


Our team has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, providing online marketing and web design solutions to health professionals. Our designers have developed over 1,000 unique website designs. Every year we deliver millions of impressions and thousands of patients to our clients’ practices.

The Science of It All – Colors, Anatomy, and Layout.

We focus on more than the simple aesthetics of a design layout. Anyone with a good eye can determine what looks appealing, but we go beyond simple visual stimulation. We understand the concepts behind the science of colors, user interaction and user experience. Our designs are visually beautiful and functional. Our clients tell us what they’re looking for in terms of branding and we make it happen through the use of colors, page anatomy and layout theme. We source industry leading design elements, fully customizing it to our clients needs. A family doctor from a small town will need a website design different from a surgeon from a big city to best suit their patients. Applying these concepts to a design makes a major difference in the user experience and how potential patients perceive the nature of the professional and overall practice.

Pricing – Why we can’t be beaten?

Medical professionals come to us when they want to get a fair price for online marketing services. After doing exhaustive price point analysis of our packages versus our competitors, our clients ultimately choose us for our competitive pricing, value, customer care and our unrivaled tech support. We focus on custom websites built from industry leading design elements, unlike our competitors who heavily rely on a template based system. Because we specialize in website design for healthcare practitioners specifically, we’ve developed an efficient system that allows us keep our prices fair and honest.