About Avily

Our Story

In the beginning

We started this company to provide a bridge between medical practitioners and their patients. We didn't just want to market medical services to prospective patients. We wanted to make healthcare more accessible to all people, to make it easier for people to find credible, reputable practitioners who suit their needs.

Fast forward

Today, we're the largest healthcare marketing agency in the country - proudly serving over 500 clients across the continent. Our clients are some of the most recognised practitioners in their fields. They travel the world, appear on television shows and work on award-winning cases. We're proud of every client we've assisted - we celebrate their victories, and help them to plan their next steps.

Long story short

With resources all over the country, Avily achieves it's initial goals every single day. We've assisted hundreds of practitioners with the growth and development of their businesses, and brought thousands of new patients into medical and dental practices.

What do we do?

Our team is made up of a range of specialist; from marketers, copywriters and designers to software developers and business analysts. Together, these passionate individuals devise and implement strategies to market and grow practices. The techniques and technology may change, but our dedication and vision will not. We grow practices.

How do we do it?
  • Digital Marketing
    Our specialised digital marketing package is uniquely designed to deliver real patients to your practice.
  • Complete Marketing Management
    Healthcare marketing is not one solution. It's a complex web of vendors and services that work together cohesively to promote your business to thousands of potential patients.
  • Practice Branding
    Branding is an essential part of success. How you communicate your brand message is at the very heart of marketing.
  • Doctor Referral Building
    Our physician network is made up of many different practitioners, with many different specialities. We are happy to connect practitioners and build those relationships so you can focus on your patients.
  • Reputation Management
    Avily's Reputation Management program improves your relationships with your patients, ignites word of mouth and helps your business market itself.
  • Staff Training
    We actively train your office staff to convert phone calls into real appointments, increasing the value of your staff members within the business.
    GrowPrac is our premier product. It is an all-encompassing marketing solution to grow your medical practice and bring you real patients.
Our bottom line:

Partnering with Avily is an investment in the future of your business. The knowledge and experience we bring to the table have paved the way for many practitioners to achieve levels of success they didn't think was possible. We have tried and tested strategies to acquire new patients, strengthen your brand, scale your business and ensure it's future.

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