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Whether you’re just getting started or you run a well-established dental practice, marketing will always be the key to reaching your goals. At Avily, we use innovative dental marketing strategies to fill your books and increase your revenue.

Reach The Right Patients

Reach The Right Patients

Our specialist marketing team uses unique AI software to target the right patients with the right message. For your dental practice, this translates to a consistent stream of new patients - patients who need your services and are willing to commit to treatment.

Get Tailored Solutions

You want your practice to stand out, and we can help you get there. We deliver results through the use of digital marketing, website optimisation and advertising strategies that are guaranteed to boost your dental practice’s visibility and bring in new patients each week.

Why Choose Us?

We Know Dentistry, Like, Really Know It

We truly understand Dentistry. We know our Periodontists from our Maxillofacial Surgeons, and what it means to offer a ‘Hollywood Smile’. We’ve worked with renowned dentists and dental organisations, including SADA, SAAAD and SASMFOS. And we know exactly what drives success for a dental practice.

With Avily, your website and content will always meet the right Dental Association marketing regulations, reducing any risks of non-compliance. For example, you may be a General Dental practice that offers braces and aligners, so we’ll advertise that you provide orthodontic services, not that you are an Orthodontist.

We Know Your Patients, Even Before You Do

Your patients are not one-dimensional, in fact, there are myriad factors that drive a patient from simply glossing over your website to wanting to make an appointment. We have an in-depth understanding of market trends that lead patients to enquire and make an appointment - from the imagery that works best in a smile gallery to the shade of blue on your website.

We often find that generalist marketing companies don't understand the differences between the types of patients various practices require. For example, practices with a focus on Cosmetic or Rehabilitative Dentistry would prefer to attract patients seeking crowns, veneers or smile makeovers, compared to a general dental practice that would prefer to attract patients seeking a check-up or oral hygiene treatments.

We Have The Right Tools And We Know How To Use Them

Our Artificial Intelligence marketing platform contains over 10 years of dental marketing data, allowing us to apply the knowledge gained over a decade instantly to any dental marketing campaign we set up. Not only does this boost your performance, but it reduces wasted budget spent on the wrong campaigns.

We’re a team of experts that have worked with over 500 dental practices.

Our results speak for themselves. Join Avily today.

Dental Marketing FAQs

There are many different ways to market your dental practice, and the strategies we implement will depend on your needs and goals. Our services include website design and content writing, website optimisations, dental advertising through Google and social media, and campaigning. Each practice is unique, so we strive to get to know every client to develop the best-suited marketing plan.

We’ve perfected the art of dental marketing strategies to grow any and all dental and orthodontic practices.

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