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Join forces with Avily, the trusted partner for over 2000 healthcare providers, including major hospitals, clinics, and speciality centres. Take your hospital to the next level in patient care and profitability.

Boost Your Hospital’s Brand and Revenue

Strategic marketing is crucial for sustainable growth, whether launching a new hospital or managing a longstanding healthcare institution. Avily employs state-of-the-art hospital marketing solutions to keep your beds occupied and significantly increase your revenue streams.

Connect with the Right Patients for Your Services

Connect with the Right Patients for Your Services

Utilising cutting-edge AI technology and data analytics, our specialised marketing team identifies and targets potential patients who specifically require your healthcare services. Expect a consistent flow of new patients requiring both general and specialised care.

Customised Marketing Strategies Tailored for Your Hospital

Every hospital is unique, offering various services ranging from general healthcare to specialised departments like cardiology, neurology, and orthopaedics. We provide bespoke digital marketing, SEO optimisation, content marketing, and online advertising strategies to highlight your hospital’s strengths and attract new patients monthly.

Revolutionise Hospital Marketing with GrowPrac AI

Revolutionise Hospital Marketing with GrowPrac AI

Unleash the power of AI with our cutting-edge artificial intelligence marketing platform. GrowPrac AI is specifically designed to supercharge your hospital's marketing. With GrowPrac, we are not just running campaigns. We are engineering success. Our platform optimises marketing strategies and ensures they align with your growth objectives.

How GrowPrac Elevates Your Hospital

1. GrowPrac discovers which practitioners in your hospital are garnering the most patient interest. This provides unparalleled insight into your patient's preferences and referrals.

2. Our AI identifies practitioners whose engagement rates fall below industry standards. Our platform gives you a clear picture of patient inquiries versus interest. This enables targeted improvements to the way your patients interact with your practitioners.

3. We utilise data to refine your patient's journey. We ensure a seamless and engaging experience for your patients.

4. We compare the popularity of your practitioners with the popularity of the competitors in your area. This offers an even greater insight into your standing against competitor hospitals.

5. We understand what goes into a patient's choice. GrowPrac AI helps you pinpoint areas where practitioners can gain patient interest from competitors, especially in specialised services.

6. Armed with data-driven insights, GrowPrac AI can collaboratively develop and implement strategies to attract more patients. Whether increasing visibility or enhancing service offerings, our strategies are tailored to your unique goals.

Case Study: Targeted Strategy for OBGYN and Maternity Care

Imagine aiming to enhance your OBGYN surgeries and maternity ward. GrowPrac AI steps in to analyse and determine the most effective approach to attract patients seeking specific treatments, like Endometriosis surgery or Obstetrics care. Our platform's targeted strategy focuses on your niche areas, ensuring maximum impact and growth.

Choose GrowPrac AI, Choose Growth

Choose GrowPrac AI, Choose Growth

At Avily, we believe in the power of technology to transform hospital marketing. GrowPrac AI is more than a tool; it’s your partner in achieving unparalleled growth and success in marketing your hospital.

Why Choose Avily for Hospital Marketing?

We Understand the Complexities of Healthcare:

Our expertise spans various healthcare domains, from general medicine to specialised fields like oncology, radiology, and paediatrics. Our strategies are crafted to comply with healthcare regulations and industry guidelines.

Data-Driven Insights at Work:

We deeply analyse patient behaviours, needs, and preferences using comprehensive market research and AI tools. We know what motivates a patient, from mere online inquiries to being admitted for treatment.

State-of-the-Art Tools and Execution:

We leverage an AI-powered marketing platform backed by over a decade of hospital marketing data. This allows us to execute well-informed, cost-efficient campaigns that maximise your ROI.

Our Sucess Stories Are Your Future:

We’ve collaborated with numerous healthcare institutions, successfully transforming their outreach and profitability. Be the next success story!

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