Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

Avily produces customized, high impact, interactive websites that utilise the latest in web technology for a more comprehensive online experience.

The design of your website is your online voice to your potential patients. It is vital that your website reflects your practice and your branding and is built with converting patients in mind. Avily works with countless practices worldwide and we have massive experience in designing custom websites built not only to convert patients but also to represent your brand as a practice.

Prospective patients are looking to your site as a representation of your skill, sophistication and talent. For every project, we employ our numerous years of experience, knowledge and study of web trends related to the health industry in South Africa to give our clients a web presence that goes beyond aesthetics. This is something that is shared in all specialties, from Psychologists to Cosmetic Surgery – understanding the trends of both what patients are looking for and what will convert them from just ”looking” at your website to contacting your office. This is something we track, we understand and we know. When you choose Avily, you are not just choosing the leading company in the industry – you are also choosing the most experienced. This has been proven over and over, account by account – when working with Avily, you will get expertise that you simply cannot find anywhere else.


Websites are custom built for you and must be approved by you.
Websites have unlimited pages.
Websites can have unlimited content, including photos and videos.
Websites are expandable, so it is always easy to add more pages
Websites can be maintained by you, Avily or both. Avily does not have any additional charges for website maintenance (including the addition of photos, videos, etc.) so we can do the work for you, or if you have a something you want to add yourself, you can too!
Websites are built for you and to fit your needs.
Pricing is incredibly affordable! It’s cheaper than most charge for a 10-page website.


Building an amazing website for your medical organisation is no longer cumbersome or difficult. For a first-class, professional image, Avily offers the fastest, easiest route to go.

A high quality custom practice website is easily deployed by only investing a few minutes of your time, and at a fraction of the cost you’d expect.

Medical Website Design
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